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Elaine (the maiden of mischief, or the maid)





Animal form: A white rabbit and a black crow.

Elaine keeps her black hair up in a bun. She has a really big mouth and a very evil smile. She has long sharp nails and fangs for teeth. Her eyes are completely white and blood shot. She wears a black and white maid outfit. And her apron has blood all over it. She keeps knives, scissors, scalpels, and other small, sharp utensils in her pockets.

PURE EVIL. She loves to see others in pain. She likes to kill older men. There is NOTHING in the world that could change her. She is a nocturnal person. She loves little kids, but she'll still kill them if she wants to.

When Elaine was a little girl, she lived a normal life. She went to school, had friends and loving parents. But one day her parents were killed by a gang. Elaine ran away and lived on the streets. Then a man named Artie came and took her in. But he didn't take her as a daughter, he took her as a slave. Artie tortured people for a living, and he made Elaine clean up the remains of the people he killed and be his personal servant. Thats how she got the name, the maid. One day Elaine found out that Artie was the person that killed her parents. So she paralyzed Artie by giving him a poisoned drink. While he was paralyzed, she tortured him to death. She took pleasure in torturing people. So she decided to torture people forever. She would sleep on the streets and wait for people to take her in. Then she would kill whoever offered her help. She did this all her life moving from city to city. Now that she is older, she  pretends she is a hooker and she lures men into back alleys and kills them. But when she was twenty years old, she stopped killing, and she fell in love and got married, and had a son. But when her husband found out about her history, he took his son and abandoned Elaine. The son was only 7 when that took place.  After that happened, Elaine went back to killing.

She lives in an underground castle beneath death city. She stay with tons of dangerous animals. But they don't hurt her. and she has INCREDIBLE strength.

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