The Departure Of An Administrator And The Forthcoming Of A New One.

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The Departure Of An Administrator And The Forthcoming Of A New One.

Post by DarkWolfKillZ on Fri 20 Sep 2013, 4:53 pm

Weird Tomatoes will not be Administrating on this site anymore. His abilities and talents we're limited to the point where it was not suitable for an Administrator rank. Occasionally he and I would have disagreements that led to fights. His lack of behavior during those times showed greatly, as well as it had frequently when I would converse with him. Other things I should point out are that of his inappropriate 'comedy'. That consists of creepy sayings that aren't appropriate.

His former job of being the Storyline Administrator proved to me that his story plots were amateur and not captivating even the slightest. The truth is I basically created the Storyline as he just made a bland and dull basis. I changed a lot of it for a more exhilarating series of events. His skills were basic. Weird Tomatoes won't be returning to the site anymore, so all of his character shall be given away. Some I might keep for my own, so I'll post that in the character trading section.

So here is where I shall introduce the new replacement Administrator. He is one of my best friends and you may know him as ImmaVampire, who was actually checking over the site at the times he was online. He already proved to me that his ideas are extreme beforehand.

So that's the most recent announcements so far!

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