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Post by DarkWolfKillZ on Thu 18 Jul 2013, 2:43 pm

This is very important to look over before you create your character or participate in the roleplays.

The rules are guidelines that everyone must follow. Some of the rules will state that consequences will be taken if you do not abide by them. They indicate our expectations and how the users should behave or act. They do not go in a specific order as they are all equally as expected from the users.

-No Godmodding or Power playing.  

-No Metagaming unless the user character's you know the knowledge of allows your character to know the information or an Administrator allows you to know the information upon the subject (not specifically for characters)

-You cannot call hits. You can do the action, but the character you are opposing must either accept or deny that he/she got hit.

-Cussing is allowed, but you may not excessively curse.

-Harassment will not be tolerated out of roleplay. If you can't handle someone, you'd better just ignore them.

-If anyone harasses you, forces you to break a rule, or threatens you personally, contact me immediately.

-You may have an maximum of 10 characters.

-It is only recommended that you be someone else's weapon/meister. We all want you to get to know the other players better. Also, it'd be a surprise what they post next!

-You may not use the original characters. If I see this used in any way, you will be warned, and your character/post will be deleted.

-Same as above. You may not use their personalities OR history. (E.G. If you like Crona, your character is not allowed to be forced to kill and torture small animals in his/her childhood. This will not be tolerated. So, just don't do it..)

-If you want a crush, you don't need the other player's permission. This is not for them to decide.

-While fighting, of course in one hit you wouldn't kill them. Please be realistic. There's no way you could kill a witch with one or two hits.

-If a thread is going to have mature content, please be sure to but "(Mature)" after the title

-In your character creation, where it says, "Have You Read the Rules?", put "A Sound Soul Dwells Within A Sound Mind And A Sound Body." to confirm you've read the rules.

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