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Post by Mirror on Sat 14 Sep 2013, 6:02 am

Kanamashi Setsuko

Theme Song:

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General Information

Name: Kanamashi, Setusko
--Aliase/s: Aka Arashi (Red Storm)
Gender: Female
Age: 14


Weapon Form:
In weapon form Setsuko is a red Tessen fan. Like all tessen fan despite looking delicate is really a very durable weapon. Made out of a red brown metal with the supports on the back thinning to spikes that extend over the back of the fan and containing a hidden tento knife in the hilt. She has a yellow flower pattern on her and flower charms hang off the end of the fan.

Tall for her age rough 170cm in height and weighing around 51kg she has reddish pink hair worn up in a high ponytail with a fringe parted to the left with bangs either side and a majority of her fringe pushed to the right which sometimes fall across her dark grey eyes. Setsuko is normally seen in a gothic type of outfit which consists of a black dress with dark red patterns on it and has a black frill around the waist, black frills along the top of the shirt and black singlet straps with the centre of the frills being decorated with a black ribbon and finished with black arm guards. The outfit is completed by a black throat necklace with a silver cross on it, a small mini black top hat with a red ribbon and one red tall sock which ends just below the skirt and one black sock with red boots that have black laces.

Soul Description:

Setsuko Kanamashi Untitl11

Personality and History

Good with tactics and plans, determined and know basic medicine

Though Setsuko hates to admit it she has a fear of heights, her distrust of others and her harsh/bluntness are also some of her faults. 

Setsuko is outwardly sarcastic, light hearted and simply appears to be strong and someone who you can trust. However no matter how much you may think you know about Setsuko is very distrusting, and when she does trust you, you become the one she relies on making it a responsibility in it's self. Setsuko is proud, harsh, intelligent and stubborn but she can be easily persuaded to some causes if you know how to push her. Though she may not look it or act it in public she is one who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Setsuko family divorced and she never knew much about her father. She lived with her little sister, mother and her mother's boyfriend. One night he went nuts and tried to kill them all. Setsuko's father seemed to appear from no where and killed him. Her mother went insane from the experience becoming emotionally unstable. When Setsuko's sister died a year later of sickness she came to DWMA and still occasionally visits her mother every now and then. Setsuko grew up not trusting people and taking on much responsibility. After that incident she has not seen her father again.

Skills and Abilities

Knows some material arts (focus around Juijitsu, Judo and Aikido)

Soul Resonance Abilities:
Red Wind- Grows very large in size about that same height she is in human form. When swung releases a large and sharp gust of wind at the opponent.


None yet.

Love Interest:

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Post by Weird Tomatoes on Sat 14 Sep 2013, 12:24 pm

Welcome, welcome. Sorry about being late on introducing you but I hope that you enjoy your stay on this website! I am the storyline admin also I know how to get in touch with the main admin so I can help with storline things and general things. Finally, I hope you have fun and eat well.

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I am not even keeping count anymore, I have cleaned out my list so I am going to make characters for myself again and enjoy having them.
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