Galen Icefire

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Galen Icefire

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Insert Picture Here:

Icefire, Galen

Dragon golemancer.



Sophie Carver.
His dragon golems also fight with him, while he uses Sophie.

Love Interest:
Madeline Anderson.

Look at the picture, is him. Just add a shirt under that hoody and a pair of thick, long, reinforced, leather gloves in which he keeps small tubes of paint and brushes then his two close dragon statuettes on his shoulders and there you go.

Soul Description:
His soul is like normal though the little flicky bit at the top goes from blue to a red, resembling a flame.

Galen is always very relaxed, only getting excited when something cool happens or when making a new golem and only ever panics or loses his temper when his dragons get in trouble or when something worthy of panic happens. If you ever need to find him outside of school, he will often be found out and about searching for materials or just plain and simply chilling.

Galen started to build statuettes made of clay at a young age, but when he was abandoned by his parents for unknown reasons, he wanted to make a friend, which is when he first discovered he could put life into his creations. After that, he looked for a place to be and when stumbling upon the DWMA, he thought it would be perfect.

Golemancy. Advanced Soul perception. Creating a soul and mind for his golems. (The souls act exactly like normal souls, though they are artificial).

Soul Resonance Abilities:
Create a large living statue from anything around him. The statue returns its parts once soul resonance stops.

This character is inspired by Chris D'laceys series of books, starting with 'The Fire Within'. Recommend highly.
The two dragons are called Grundle and G'rathe. Grundle is a boy and G'rathe is a girl.

Have You Read the Rules?
A sound soul, resides within a sound mind and a sound body.

Arc= Default
Charlotte= Green
Chelsea= Dark blue.
Vernon= Blue
Agatha= Light blue.
Galen= Red.
Grundle= Male dragon figure. G'rathe= Female dragon figure.
Jayde= Dark Red.
Caelan= Bluish-Purple.
Mina= Yellow.
Glyndwr and Yurio= Purple.


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