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Death's Adopted Daughter

In Between


Samantha used to be a normal girl like any other when one day she accidentally ate a human soul out of curiosity of what it was. When she went to bed that night, she had strange dreams and started to crave the soul she had eaten. When she awoke, she found that her neighbors had been mysteriously killed. The same thing went on for a few months when her family was the last one in the area. That night, she ate the souls of her family hitting the mark to make her a Kishin Egg at only age 8. She had no idea what to do, all she knew was that she had a mysterious power and that it had been her that had killed everyone. After finding out, she moved around and tried not to eat any souls. This went for 6 years until a witch mysteriously appeared and made it so she would not sleep eat souls. Two years later, she decided to head to DWMA as a meister seeing how Lord Death had taken her in a year earlier and she didn't wish to eat souls but just live a normal life.

Soul Hide: Completely hides the soul
Soul Steal: The ability to just take the soul out of anything
Soul Mimic: Copies the abilities of the opponent
Soul Exchange: The ability to exchange the bodies of people through their souls
Soul Burial: The ability to put a soul to sleep, causing the person to lose all energy
Soul Beasts: The ability to create Kishin eggs with the souls of ones from nothing
Soul Bind: Binds the enemy's soul to cause them to lose the ability to move
Soul Overdrive: The ability to create a massive explosion from pushing a soul past it's resonating limits.
Have you read the rules:
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

Narcisse (Nightmare)= default
Raven= default
Rae= deep blue
Soul= Red
Fox= Purple
No named assassin= This
Samantha= Whatever the bloody Hell this is
Jack Skellington and his pet ghost dog Zero= green
I am not even keeping count anymore, I have cleaned out my list so I am going to make characters for myself again and enjoy having them.
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