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Onika Ongaku

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Onika Ongaku
the scarf of death

Her scarf and her fists
Love Interest:

Those who are you character's crushes or committed relationships should go here. This is an optional portion and may be left blank

See the picture
Soul Description:
Her soul is surrounded by a scarf and has beats on
She loves to fight with other people but also can be laid back, she is irritable and doesn't feel that following the rules is necessary
Onika was born but never really new her parents, as such she only had headphones, an Ipod, and her scarf. She was raised by street fighters who taught her how to fight and how to survive. When she reached the age of 10, she searched her Ipod for the first time and started listening to the music that had filled it. As it turns out, every song causes her scarf to become like the darkness from the game The Darkness.  She then understood why she was left there, her parents had created that scarf and were hunted down for it. So they gave it to her, at least that is what her scarf told her. Now she decided to go to DWMA in order to actually attend school.

Listen to the music on her Ipod to bring life to her scarf and have the beats frow horns, doubling her strength and speed.
Soul Resonance Abilities:


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Have You Read the Rules?
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body

Narcisse (Nightmare)= default
Raven= default
Rae= deep blue
Soul= Red
Fox= Purple
No named assassin= This
Samantha= Whatever the bloody Hell this is
Jack Skellington and his pet ghost dog Zero= green
I am not even keeping count anymore, I have cleaned out my list so I am going to make characters for myself again and enjoy having them.
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